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Repossessions & House Clearances

Whilst attending a property for the purpose of repossession, our operatives will force entry if required. Extreme care is taken to avoid any damage to the door or door frame. Access can usually be gained using lock picking techniques or damage only to the locks themselves. 

The following would then be carried out:

  • Take charge of the property on your behalf, and if required, bailiff's warrant signed.
  • All locks are changed usually with a direct replacement to those already in situ, or upgraded to provide better security if required. 
  • Fit any additional locks required.
  • Water systems are drained and the gas and electricity supplies turned off. Meter readings are taken for your information. 
  • Letterbox is sealed to prevent mail and newspapers etc piling up behind door.
  • Window stays are secured wherever possible to provide additional security.
  • A full contents inventory is prepared together with photographs of the property and contents, including any malicious damage. 
  • Display possession notice in prominent position if required.
  • Complete property appraisal survey document for your information. 

Whilst at the property, we will also provide a report and quotation for the following:

  • Removal and disposal of any rubbish, including furniture and personal possessions that may remain after the notice period expires. It is usual for perishable foodstuffs etc to be removed at the time if appropriate. Rubbish removal can greatly enhance the appearance of a property, subsequently leading to a quicker sale. 
  • Full domestic clean if required.
  • Any repairs which are required to bring the property to a safe and marketable standard.
  • Initial cut, and future maintenance, of garden areas. This helps to improve the appearance of a property and aids in providing a positive first impression, as well as giving the appearance of the property being occupied, thus deterring potential thieves. 

It is our intention to tailor a package that suits your exact requirements